‘Offensive’ Halloween decorations upset neighbors

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Neighbors in a Central Lubbock neighborhood said that some Halloween decorations went too far by recreating what they say looked like a lynching victim.

‘We were in the neighborhood just laughing and playing, and as we got closer to this house, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said a concerned parent.

It was a dark figure covered in white bloodied clothes hanging by its neck to a tree. Other neighbors agreed the decoration did look disturbing.

“It looks like a lynching victim,” said Salem Cowan. “The way her head is down, and her hair covering her face, and the noose, it just doesn’t look good.”

The decoration has already been taken down, but one mom says explaining what the doll meant to her daughter ruined their Halloween night.

“My youngest daughter looked at me and asked me what it meant because she had never seen anything like that,” said the mom. “I cut the explanation very short because I just wanted to get my babies home and keep them safe from this.”

Neighbors tell us it was the second time this particular decoration has been put out on Halloween, and each time it makes an appearance, it makes them feel uncomfortable.

“I was shocked when I saw it, I looked and thought I had looked at it wrong,” said Pat Cowan. “I said to myself that ‘that’s not right’ even on Halloween night.”

The mom we spoke with says that while she understands that it’s a Halloween decoration, it can still be extremely insensitive to those passing by.

“It’s scary for me because my kids go right up that street to catch the bus, and now I have to look out for them now, and it just really scares me,” said the mom.

We knocked on the homeowner’s door for comment, but no one answered.

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