Parenting experts ask you to think twice before leaving your young kids home alone


Local parenting experts are asking parents and those in charge to think twice about leaving their children at home alone. The state of Texas doesn’t have a law requiring kids to be a certain age in order to stay home alone.

“It’s all fine if everything goes fine but if something happens or an emergency. They will have to respond in that situation and make a decision,” Stacy Johnson, Director of the Child Development Research Center at Texas Tech said. 

Legally parents are responsible for supervision of their kids to make sure they aren’t in a position to be hurt or un-safe. Both the Parenting Cottage and the Child Development Center said the age varies on what the recommend for kids being left at home alone.

“Generally in the field we say 11 or 12-years-old. Those may be most mature and capable,” Johnson said.

Carla Olson, the Executive Director at the Parenting Cottage agreed but believes an even older age should be required.

“What our knowledge and research shows that children under the age from 12-14 shouldn’t be left alone for extended periods or on an ongoing bases,” Olson said.

The Parenting Cottage has tons of tips on parenting. If you need help they encourage you to reach out.

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