Pet 2 Vet Connections helps with mobile in-home pet care

Pet 2 Vet Connections

LUBBOCK, Texas — Pet 2 Vet Connections wants to help busy people in Lubbock with all their pet needs by offering a mobile in-home pet care service.

Co-owners, Sarah Field and Lori Crum, said the service is available to bridge the gap from your home to your vet. 

“We have a large, I guess, population of elderly for one,” said Field, Pet 2 Vet Co-owner and Vet Technician. “They can’t always get their pet where they need to go. There’s also working people who don’t have time. You know, and they need somebody just to take their pet to the vet and either sit with them or drop them off.”

One of their clients, Dr. Beth Nickels, said she works long days and maintaining her three big dogs is sometimes a challenge.

‘Sarah and Lori know how to handle all kinds of animals,” Nickels said. “And they’re kind and they’re patient, trustworthy, and it’s very comforting to know they will take care of my animals like I want them taken care of.”

Sarah and Lori said they have 40 years of combined experience as veterinarian technicians. They said they noticed there wasn’t anything like this in town. 

“We try to behaviorally read them to what best fits that patient.” said Crum, Pet 2 Vet Co-owner and Vet Technician. “We take them out and we just sit down with them and we talk to them and we give them treats and we take high value treats.”

They’ll transport your pet to the vet, groomer, or even the airport. Other services are at-home procedures, like nail trims and ear cleanings. 

Nickels said they’ve been a huge help.  

“It is something that is necessary for the professional world, as well as, Sarah noted, the retirement people sometimes need help, you know, because they can’t drive or they need help picking up their pet. So it’s very convenient,” Nickels said.

You can find out more about Pet 2 Vet on their website here. You can reach Sarah or Lori at (806) 445-2719 or (806) 281-3797 or

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