Previously known as the Ponderosa Apartments, now known as previous councilman, Frank Morrison’s ‘Coronado Project’. The non-profit housing community allows for homeless people to get a second chance and get on their feet again. Property manager, Kassey Sexton said they had to shut off the tenants water today due to lack of payment.

“There’s about 75% of my residents who try to make sure their bills are paid but there’s about 25% who don’t and that’s where it becomes a really big gap for us,” said Sexton. “We try to even it out but unfortunately even the ones that do pay, it isn’t enough for us to function with our gas, electricity, trash and so forth.”

Previous owner, Dr. Lester Payne said he sued Frank Morrison last Spring, after he failed to make payments to him. Payne gave Morrison a loan of $480,000 in 2013. Morrison now has ownership of the property with his wife, as they created the ‘Franklynn Enterprises’ with a common goal to transform low income housing.

“But he is legally obligated to pay those utilities,” said Morrison. “He is contracted with the tenants to pay them, whether they pay the rent or not.”

LP&L said they are unable to comment in detail on the situation, due to federal privacy laws and respect for their account holders. Spokesperson, Matt Rose said they have tried to work with the owner in the past.

“We can’t go into the specifics of the account but we always try to work with our customers,” The last thing we want to do is see our customers get disconnected.”