Protecting your cameras from predators


There are more cameras in the world today than ever before. It’s why experts recommend you take precautions to protect them whether they’re on your cell phone, tablet or computer.

It’s something that Nicole Shreeve is aware of because of her job teaching English to children in China.

“I hop on the computer every morning before my kids wake up, and I teach from two hours to five hours at a time,” said VIP Kids teacher Nicole Shreeve.

It’s something that she couldn’t do if it weren’t for both the internet and webcams that allow her to talk and see children from the other side of the globe.

But, while those cameras are great for teaching or even protecting your home, if you’re not careful, they could become a threat to your privacy. That applies to every camera in your home whether it’s on your computer, tablet or your cell phone.

“If someone’s able to hack into your system or even your home security system, then certainly somebody could gain viewing access to those cameras and watch you in your home,” said John Thomas, managing director at Texas Tech’s information and technology division.

When it comes to cameras, prevention is your best protection. Thomas said the first thing you should do with a new system is change the default password and make sure it’s a secure password.

The second tip is simple.

“Apple and Microsoft are pushing out system updates all the time. Make sure you put those on your machine and then make sure you have an antivirus program running continuously,” said Thomas.

When it comes to your cell phone, you can actually go to your app settings and see what permissions your apps have. Then if you find that your bank app has access to your camera and you don’t want it to, take away the permission.

The ultimate low-tech solution to all of these is to simply cover your camera. You can do that with something as simple as a sticky note or by purchasing a sliding cover that will stop predators from using your camera.

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