While it may seem normal that your child has a lot of social media accounts, it can be dangerous. That’s because what they post on the internet can be seen by college admission boards and even future bosses.

A big part of the problem is simply that every time your child goes on the computer, they increase their likelihood of finding themselves in a dangerous situation online.

“93 percent of teens use the internet, and 75 percent of them have a cellphone. So, their usage is only getting greater,” said Google program manager Amber Tillman.

It’s why Google has a nationwide online safety program that teaches middle school students “how to be internet awesome.”

“It aims to encourage middle school students how to stay safe and be smart as they’re using the Internet,” said Tillman.

The tech giant is taking it across the country by teaming up with attorney generals. Some of the core values include being responsible about what you share on the internet, keep your secrets – like passwords – to yourself and don’t fall for fakes.

One of the big things that can come back to haunt your student in the future may seem harmless right now. But, according to mycollegegude.com, they can haunt you later in life.

Things like posting photos of you dressed inappropriately or doing anything illegal will throw up red flags.

That does not, however, mean that your child should be cut off from their social media accounts or from interacting on the internet. Having a good social media presence can allow admission boards and bosses to get a better understanding of who you are and could even help you land the job or get into the school.

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