Rabid raccoon leads to two dogs being quarantined


LUBBOCK, Texas — Two dogs have been quarantined after encountering a rabid raccoon, the first rabies case the Hub City has seen in nearly two years. 

According to the Lubbock Animal Shelter, the dogs will be quarantined for the next 45 days until tests confirm they do not carry the deadly virus.

“It’s pretty much assured death for your animal, or for you if you get bitten by a rabid animal,” said Eila Machado, a veterinarian with LAS.

Despite how serious the virus is, she said it can be hard to detect because it does not always look the same.

“It’s not always growling or foaming at the mouth, that’s the movie version,” Machado said. “There are often cases where the animal is lethargic or almost drunk looking that also carries rabies.”

According to the shelter, for now pet owners do not need to panic, but need to be more aware of their surroundings, and get vaccinations if they haven’t already.

“You definitely need to watch your backyard if you have any form of wildlife back there,” said Steven Greene, Director of Lubbock Animal Shelter. “You never know what your animals do when you are not home, but if you keep close tabs on them they should be okay.”

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