Sixty dogs and several cats took a “Flight for Life” to neighboring states to increase their chance of being adopted early Thursday morning.
“They coordinate with all these rescues in all these different states that have the intake, who don’t have any dogs or who can relieve a little pressure from other places who have a problem with too many dogs,” Gina Beard, a rescuer in Denver City said.
The rescue non-profit called “Dog is my Copilot” is based out of Jackson, Wyoming and gives free flights to dogs and cats on death row to other states in the country who need more animals to adopt.
“There were 40 animals that came from Lubbock and the greater Denver City area in Texas. They made a second stop in Roswell, New Mexico and picked up 28 more there. He flies these dogs everywhere for free. They leave Texas and New Mexico and go up to Colorado, Utah, Washington and several different states,” Beard said.
The company said they focus on taking dogs from southern states, with overpopulation, up north where laws keep the populations low.
“There needs to be more laws and more city ordinances. There needs to be more spay and neuter programs, that would be amazing, it would help with so many unwanted animals because a lot of people don’t realize when you get a pet they will reproduce, you should do something to stop it,” Beard said.
If you are looking to help you can CLICK HERE to donate to “Dog is my Copilot.” 

(Hobbs crew after boarding up flight. Courtesy: Gina Beard)