The criminal defense attorney representing Sampson Oguntope, 27, who was indicted for capital murder delayed his trial once again after filing the fourth motion to declare the defendant is incompetent to stand trial. 

Oguntope is accused of shooting and killing an 89-year-old women in her home in Slaton in 2012. Records state he broke into her home around 1 P.M. and killed “Faye Grey.” The suspect also tried to assault her 21-year-old caregiver with a firearm. She was able to escape and see help from neighbors. 

“I personally was shocked,” neighbor Patsy Warshaw said. “She was so gentle and so kind to have met such a violent death.”

Patsy and her husband Ronnie said they were both at work when incident occurred. They came home to a blocked off street filled with Slaton Police, Lubbock County Sheriff deputies, and Texas Rangers. 

“You would never think anything like this would happen in our neighborhood,” Ronnie Warshaw said. 

They said Texas Rangers camped out in their garage while they conducted a city-wide manhunt for the suspect. 

Oguntope was later arrested in Lubbock. 

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An online article on the Texas Tech University Athletics website showed Oguntope was a freshmen on the Track and Field team from 2009 to 2010. He is originally from a town in the Houston area. 

On the six-year anniversary of his arrest, the Warshaws said they want justice for their friend.

“Something needs to be done,” Patsy said. “The family needs closure. I think this neighborhood would like to see closure, would like to see it get taken care of.”

Court documents stated Oguntope changed to a new defense attorney within two years of his arrest, initially delaying his trial.

Several more months went by after his family from Nigeria could not travel overseas to testify after becoming ill from Ebola. 

However, the biggest delay came after his new defense attorneys claimed the 27-year-old is not competent to stand trial. Court documents stated they have filed four motions for competency over six years. 

The latest motion was filed on Monday, delaying the trial once again. 

CORRECTION: The age of the victim was corrected from the original version of this story.