After severe storms hit West Texas in the past week, the demand for roofing repairs has skyrocketed in Lubbock. Scammers are now coming out of the woodwork to try and cash in on the latest damage. 

“You’re talking millions and millions of dollars that’s up for grabs right now,” Lubbock Better Business Bureau’s Greg Linder said. “These guys are going to do whatever they need to do or feel like they have to do to try to get their hands on some of that money.” caught a scammer in the act Wednesday, after a local phone number called an employee. 

The scammer claimed he owned a roofing company and had the address of the employee. He claimed he was going to come by in the near future to start the appraisal for damages. After he was asked for more information about himself, he hung up the phone. 

In an attempt to report the call the Lubbock’s Better Business Bureau, they said one of their employees also got a call from the same phone number. They verified this person was in fact a scammer. 

“Don’t give in to high pressure tactics, that’s what these guys are thriving on,” Linder said. 

He added that after every major storm, their office gets a huge influx of calls from residents asking to verify a company or new contractors trying to get certification as a legitimate company. 

“We get the calls from the roofers that are coming in from out of the area that want to sign up with us so they can try to get instant credibility,” Linder said. “We do have a Storm Chaser Policy where basically we have a moratorium on accrediting any business that is in a storm-related industry.”

He said his biggest piece of advice against scammers is not to let the scammer pressure you into a situation. 

“Make sure that you’re picking the right person that you’ve done your research on and what feel like is going to be the best fit for you.”

A person can check the accreditation of a business on the BBB’s website, found here