With the influx of ride-share scooters across Lubbock, city leaders are trying to address new safety concerns that come along with the new form of transportation. 

City of Lubbock Councilman Jeff Griffith said it’s a top priority to ensure the safety of residents. 

“Modes of traffic are definitely changing, thus bike lanes are needed,” Griffith said. “The Lime scooters company, having placed throughout the city. That is a change and we’re addressing that with our bike and pedestrian plan that we just finished and we will start to work on implementation very soon.”

He said with approximately 50,000 college students in Lubbock, the need to create safe means for all facets of transportation is necessary. 

“It’ll take us a while to make that happen, it’s not going to happen overnight,” Griffith said. “But, we will definitely have more bike lanes.” 

Along with road redevelopment, Griffith said it’s also important for residents to keep their homes, yards and alley ways up to code. He encourages the community to take pride in the city and make use of the proper law enforcement when problems arise. 

“If you see an issue that you’re nervous about in your neighborhood, on your block, call the police department, that’s what they’re there for,” Griffith said.