Senior phone scams: Family asks scammers to stop

Family is fed up with scammers

Phone scams can trick anyone, but sometimes the scammers target the elderly in particular. 

Roy Johnson and his mom, Nelma Allpriss, 91, said they’ve been getting endless phone scams for more than 2 years. Johnson said he’s not alone in his frustration and he wants it to end.

“We’ve told them we’re not playing your game. We’re not going to give you any money,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the callers claim they’re with the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes. Some calls said their family has won more than a million dollars or they’ve won a free cruise.

Ms. Allpriss said she’s lucky to know these are from scammers, but she wants to warn others so they don’t become a victim.

 “It’s aggravating because maybe I’ll be doing something and I have to stop right in the middle and they just keep on and on,” Allpriss said. “I just tell them I don’t want any part of your scam so just leave me alone.”

There is a real Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes, but they won’t call you or send letters asking for money.

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