Texas is put on top of the DOE 2017 Wind Market Report


The U.S. Department of Energy is putting Texas on top of the Wind Energy Market and experts said it’s great news for the wind industry.

“Texas remains a leader in the wind power industry,” said Andrew Swift with the Texas Tech National Wind Institute, “Its a new record now. The industry now employs 105,000 people nationwide. We have about a fifth of that work force right here in Texas.”

The report ranks Texas first in utility-scale wind capacity and second in distribution capacity. It’s also great for Texas Tech as a leader in the wind energy field.

“The state made an investments. They made investments in our program. We have a wind/energy education program with 200 majors. All getting really good jobs and they made investments in transmission,” said Swift.

The report also shows, as wind installations continue, the cost of technology and wing energy prices continue to fall.

That could eventually help us all save money on power bills.

“The cost have about fallen 50 percent since the last study came out these last several years. So it’s really been dramatic,” Swift explained.

The benefit expands to property owners who get royalties from these turbines.

 “There’s a huge benefit to the local economy. Plus the tax base grows, you’re seeing new schools being built. Farmers and ranchers who have maybe been struggling being able to keep their property. I think that’s another very very strong driver,” he said.

With new wind farms going up, like in Plainview, the job opportunities are endless.

 “It’s providing good jobs. Good paying jobs and I see the industry growing. Not just in Texas, but nationally, off shore, and globally,” Swift said.

Find more information on the three wind reports HERE. For more information on DOE’s wind energy research and development efforts, visit DOE’s Wind Energy Technologies Office.

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