Texit Rallies Kick Off Across the State Without Local Support


As the presidential election comes closer to an end, Heart of Texas is urging people across the state to raise awareness for their campaign Texit.

According to the Heart of Texas Facebook page, their mission is to strive for independence for Texas from the United States.

Campaign Member told KLBK and EverythingLubbock.com, “We’re proud to be Americans and Texans, but if Hillary gets in office we believe secession may be the only way to keep from  being pulled under (by Liberals).”

He continued to say that by holding these rallies across major cities in the state, it will show everyone that Texas is ready to secede.

Rallies were held in Lubbock, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, as well as, other cities across the lone-star state. However, no one showed up to the Lubbock location at City Hall.

Lubbock Residents Peter and Patricia Aguirre said they do not support this campaign.
“I believe that the United States is a wonderful county and I wouldn’t want to see it split up,” Peter Aguirre said.
“I think that Texas is a great state,” Patricia Aguirre said. “I love the fact that we’re leading in the polls as republicans for a change and I’m all for just staying a part of the United States.”
“What happened when the South succeeded the first time and then the North won again,” Lubbock Resident Ash Pablo said.
The Campaign Member said the lack of participation is probably a miscommunication among local volunteers because they have received support from other cities.

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