Thousands stolen in restaurant burglary, suspects still not found

LUBBOCK, Texas - Woody's Brick Oven Pizza & Grill was broken into in the early morning of June 15, and police are still looking for whoever burglarized the restaurant.

According to a Lubbock Police Department report, officers arrived to the restaurant at 8:28 a.m. after the owner called to report the glass side door had been shattered.

Lisa Hall, co-owner of Woody's, said thousands of dollars in cash were stolen from the store's cash register.

"It was our store rent for the month and our electricity bill, so it was a pretty good amount of money," she said.

Hall said their insurance was able to replace the broken door and cover most of the stolen money. She said it is already difficult being a "mom and pop" shop and that this burglary could've seriously hurt their business.

"If it wasn't for the insurance, we probably would've been closed or had to sell something to make up the thousands of dollars," she shared.

Hall said that the alarm system had been down for three weeks at the time of the burglary, suspecting the burglars must've been aware of this fact.

"They knew our system was down and they knew exactly where to come in and where the money was kept," she explained.

The police report noted the two suspects were ex-employees that had been fired in the last two days leading up to the burglary.

Hall said Woody's has been open for almost a year and has never experienced any problems before, but that recently there have been several break-ins at businesses along 34th Street including Crest Tires.

"Well 34th Street now has a homeless problem," she said. "It's gotten pretty bad since they tore that hotel down so they don't have any place to go."

Hall said the restaurant's alarm system is working again and that cameras are going to be installed soon.

"It kinda takes your security away and it sucks," she said. "I tell people, if you're hungry, call us up or something, we'll feed you. It's better to ask than to take something from somebody."

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