Tips on preventing a cyber attack, following several major security breaches


LUBBOCK, Texas — First it was Colonial Pipeline, and then one of the world’s largest meat suppliers, both falling victim to cyber attacks within a month of each other. 

“For every story you hear there are a dozen others you never hear about,” said President of CoNetrix, Russ Horn. 

Then May 15 Betenbough Homes, a local custom home building company, became a victim of a cyber attack.  

“This was an evil attack on our company,” said President of Betenbough Homes Cal Zant. “We learned the perpetrators were able to obtain some sensitive personal information about individuals within our system.”

According to Forbes, 2020 broke records for the number of cyber attacks on companies, governments and individuals.

Local cyber security experts said some of that rise was caused by the pandemic.

“These bad actors – all they have to have is one mistake from a company to be able to get in and do some damage,” Horn said. “And the good guys trying to protect us, we have to be right 100 percent of the time.”

But Horn said there are ways to help prevent these attacks. For one, advising companies that if they want to do their best to avoid them, they need to take a layered approach to cybersecurity.

“So not only do they have controls to protect but they also have controls to detect when a breach occurs and then controls to respond to that breach to mitigate the damage that’s done,” said Horn. 

But Horn said cybersecurity starts with the individual and that education can have a huge impact on a company’s cybersafety. 

“Just always be careful clicking on links and opening attachments,” he said. “So think twice, slow down especially if it’s an urgent call to action, always be careful clicking on any links in emails or even in text messages.”

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