Trinity Christian Elementary Principal Jill Roberts says the school will be closed Thursday, February 8th, and Friday, February 9th. She says they decided to close due to an intense flu bug affecting several students and teachers.

“We have recently experienced student absence of 75%-100% in some classes and over 30% for staff,” said Principal Roberts.

She says the student nurse even ended up going home with symptoms and the most common illnesses the school has seen is the flu and strep.

“Health of kids come first. We’ve had lots of sickness, lots of flu and strep,” said Principal Roberts.

The school hopes that having these few days off will help move the bug off their campus. Principal Roberts says they have had GermBlast Crews there throughout the week and plan on them coming back on Friday when the school is closed.

“Once everyone is gone on Friday they will come in and spray again. Hopefully we will have everyone back in their seats and all the teachers in their classrooms,” said Principal Roberts.

Dr. Stan Garrett of Covenant Health Medical Group, says that they have seen an increase in patients at their location. He also wants to remind parents to look out for symptoms in their children.

“If your child is experiencing body aches, sore throat or headache it maybe worth being examined and checked by a doctor before returning to school,” said Dr. Garrett.

The school will return to normal schedule on Monday, February 13th.