Two local musicians are missing $11,000 of equipment after two thieves took their car out of their driveway. Two men have been arrested in the case but the music equipment is nowhere to be found which is hurting their growing music careers. 

“Everything we use to make money, it’s gone,” said Lindsay Boreing. 

Boreing and her husband Will, are musicians and noticed their car was gone when heading to a doctors appointment. 

“The garage door opens and Will looks at me and goes ‘Where did you park the car,” Boreing said. “I said ‘I parked it right there,’ and our car was gone.”

Inside the car was $11,000 of music equipment. Boreing said the only reasons her belongings were left in the car was because they were in the process of moving. Also inside the car was almost $500 in cash and her engagement ring.

“When they stole what they stole, they didn’t just take our money, they took our ability to make more money,” said Boreing. “They took our livelihood. They kind of took everything in one fell swoop.”

Lubbock police found their car but Boreing said what they found left inside was even worse. 

“There was a shotgun, drug paraphernalia, stuff to smoke meth out of, there was a pipe that I guess they were using as a weapon,” she said. 

19-year-old Trae Cole and 22-year-old Julius Douglas were arrested on multiple charges including drug possession charges. 

The Boreing’s are hoping they will find their music equipment soon. Local pawn shops work closely with Lubbock Police to make sure stolen items aren’t being sold to pawn shops. 

“People need to realize that we do everything to get their stuff back,” said Galaxy Pawn owner, Bill Roberts. 

Boreing said the Lubbock music community has rallied behind the couple and have offered to let them borrow equipment until they can get their equipment back. A friend also set up a go fund me page to raise money for new equipment. 

CLICK HERE for the go fund me page….