UMC critical care unit celebrates one year


UMC is celebrating one year of a new floor that helps them deal with patient overflow. The floor was empty before they built everything starting with 12 beds. Now, they can hold almost 30 patients. Alisa Bergen works on the Medical/Surgical StepDown Intermediate Critical Care Unit and said she’s been a nurse for about 10 years.

 “As a charge nurse my role is to make sure my nurses have the resources that they need to get their jobs done. Make sure my patients are safe,” said Alisa Bergen, RN, BSN, “We’re a new unit, we’re very pretty, people are happy here. We have a lot more room. We have a lot of advanced monitoring. We have a lot of equipment that is considered newer.”

Jessica Wolff, MSN, RN, Director of the Medical/Surgical StepDown ICCU said it’s not uncommon to for patients and staff to be from out-of-state.

“We’ve been able to bring in stewards with different talent and skills from all over the US,” said Wolff.

The brand new unit used to be just a storage room. Wolff said when they built the East Tower with the addition of this they always anticipated this coming of a patient service area.

The new space makes wait times for a bed are shorter. Last year, they said the percentage of patients that left without being seen was 5 percent. Now, it’s gone down to 2 percent.

“We’re just really proud of UMC having the opportunity to serve the community and continue to serve with our mission: Service is our passion And we’re really happy to serve here as far as UMC and the stewards,” said Wolff.

While having high-tech equipment and spacious rooms is important, Bergen said teamwork is what sticks out the most in the unit.

“I really like my job. I like my leadership team and like I said, my team is really what gets me through each day and we have a great patient population,” said Bergen.

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