Unidentified light in the sky causing Lubbock resident to ask questions


A local resident has been tracking an unidentified light in the sky for the past 7 months. According to National Weather Service officials, she could be seeing the planet Venus.

However, Michelle Hamilton said the light has a strange movement pattern and she wants to know more about it. 

“I have pictures of it through the tree and pictures of it at daylight, when it’s on the other side,” Hamilton said. “It’s crazy and I really wanna know what it is.”

Hamilton said she only sees it in the mornings between 1:00 a.m. and sunrise. 

 “And, the only thing is, whenever I try to capture them on my video, it tells me it’s unable to be captured, but it’ll take photos of it,” Hamilton said. “So, you explain that. I have no clue.”

Hamilton said the Lubbock community deserves to know what this light could possibly be.

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