Uniquely West Texas – DIY Front Door and porch makeover


Lubbock, Texas– If you have lived in your home for over two years, it is probably time to do some maintenance. When you own a home there is always a project to be done.  My house is no different.  My family has lived in our home for over a decade and I’ve never done anything to the front door or the porch…so I decided to branch out and do some DIY.

I spent the weekend making much needed changes to the front entrance of our home.  Here is what I learned in my trek of do it yourself.

I headed to Lowe’s for supplies.  Paint.  Since our house isn’t white I was told to go with a deep dark red instead of a blood red.  Actually having a red door is said to be welcoming so we will see. I got the all weather kind of paint sincfe our front door is in the sun most of the day.  If you haven’t painted your door in awhile, you will need supplies to sand it down.  So sandpaper. If the hardware old?  Invest in new hinges and knobs.  It will make a huge difference.  After checking out I spent eighty dollars.

Let the fun begin.  My door had been painted a lot with several layers.  So sanding it down took several hours. Thankfully I had an electric sander.  No matter what the paint says…even if it has primer in it, you will need more than one coat.  Start with the part of the door where there are indentions.  It will help the paint dry better.  Then paint the rest of the door.  Don’t get discouraged if it looks like this after the first coat of paint.  I ended up putting a total of three coats of paint and still had some touch up work to do.

Then I installed the new door knobs and dead bolt.  The shiny newness of them really did make a difference.

I ran back to Lowe’s for a planter pot, a plant stand and some flowers that hopefully live longer than a few days for me and some potting soil.  Put the pot on the stand, set up the chairs and woila!  A DIY redo for a little over $140 dollars.  I’m convinced it made a world of difference.  Happy Doing it yourself!

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