The six dogs that attacked a man in New Deal causing serious injuries will be euthanized after a hearing at the Lubbock County Court House Thursday morning. 

On July 18, a pack of dogs attacked Daniel Stevens outside his home while he was looking for his own dogs. Three men heard his screams and rescued him. 

The court hearing ended early. Daniel Stevens’ wife and the owners of the six dogs agreed on the decision that the six adult dogs would be euthanized and five puppies will be surrendered to a shelter. 

Stevens was still in the hospital fighting off infections from the attack. He was undergoing his second surgery on Thursday afternoon. 

Daniel Stevens’ wife was at the hearing and said she’s happy with the outcome.

“I think it’s good. I’m happy that the dogs will be no longer a nuisance to anybody. They also had a litter of puppies that will be taken,” said Katrina Stevens. “I can not be concerned as much for my children’s safety at this point and I’m happy for that.”

Daniel Stevens’ father-in-law raised a question about a 7th dog being on the property during the attack. Neighbors described the animal as a brown dog but the Sheriff’s Office does not have this dog in custody.

The Sheriff’s office said officers would continue to patrol the area looking for any vicious dogs that might be a part of the dog pack.