UWT: Aerial silk class let’s you workout while in the air


It is most easily recognized from shows like Cirque De Soleil, where performers are suspended in the air holding themselves up in fabric. 

The art form is know as aerial silk, but besides just looking nice, it is a full body workout. 

For those interested in trying it out, you do not have to be a performer to take a class. 

ArtFit offers an aerial silk class for beginners all the way up to people who want to become professionals. 

Cheryl Bushey, the owner of ArtFit, said the class is self-paced, so there is no time limit for how long it should take to learn a skill. 

“A lot of people feel like it’s going to be mostly upper body,” Bushey said. “It is a lot of upper body but it takes core it takes legs, you’ll be surprised how much legs you do use even when you’re in the air.” 

Bushey said the class focuses on strengthening your body, and you start learning the technique on the floor before you move to the air. 

“It’s not going to class and doing the same thing everyday,” Bushey said. “It’s going to class and attaining something, learning a new skill and that never gets boring.”

Bushey said the first class is free, and you can head over to the website below to register for a class. 

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