Victims still fear for their lives several weeks after SWAT standoff

Lubbock, TX - A family is fearing for their lives after Lubbock Police still can't find the man who shot at their home. The shooter reportedly fired his gun at the victims house several times. Thankfully, he didn't hit anyone.

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 "I'm scared. Just give yourself up and let me live my life," said Verta Wilbon, a victim from the day of the shooting.

The family has bullet holes in their car as a reminder of that day. On July 18th,  LPD's SWAT Team, negotiators, and K9 teams came out to an East Lubbock neighborhood after witnesses said a man started shooting at the family.

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"I'm scared. I feel like if he comes by. If he comes by he's going to hurt me. I'm going to hurt him. I don't pack no kind of weapons, no nothing. No fame, no fouls. None of that," said Ricky Mackey, another victim, "You just don't shoot at people and think you're going to get away with it."

The family said the bullets could have seriously hurt their kids or worse. They also avoid contact with their neighbors and take any kind of precautions hoping the same thing doesn't happen again.

"I want him off this block. Really off the streets because he's a threat to society," said Mackey.

Detectives were able to get an arrest warrant involving the suspect, but for a separate criminal case. Multiple attempts by LPD and other partner agencies have been made to locate the suspect. He has not been located at this time.  The family said that's not enough and they just don't want to live their lives in fear anymore because they think he might come back.

"Anytime you shoot at an individual. You're a threat and with kids walking around. What if it hit one of them?" Mackey said.

Lubbock police are still working on this case.

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