A unique group of students at Waters Elementary made it to the Destination Imagination global competition. Through their project, they’ve been able to show their fellow classmates and others across the country that compassion toward military veterans can really make a difference.

“We knew even if we didn’t win any of our competitions we would still be helping people,” said Keira Britt, a member of the DI team.

She is one of seven members on the team made up of 2nd to 5th grade students who got to travel to Tennessee to present their project of raising money for the Train A Dog, Save a Warrior Project, or TADSAW.

“Within a little less than three months, they raised $2,600,” said their adviser Ruth Thornley. “That’s pretty amazing for a group of seven kids.”

It was enough money to make a difference and one they felt strongly about.

“I know a lot of her team has family members that were active duty and almost her entire family is people that serviced, including me and her dad,” said Kayla Crow, whose daughter is on the team.

She said it’s special knowing the kids picked a program to help military veterans.

“The kids hearts where it all starts,” she said, “Their heart, their compassion, their want to change. It’s the smallest minute thing that can change the course of anything and so it’s really inspiring to watch them work.”

“It doesn’t matter if we win first place or not, we just helped someone and that’s mostly what matters,” said Kira Crow.

It’s a sentiment the entire team agrees on.

“It gives me hope for the future, hope for the next generation that compassion and caring that’s all it boils down to and it can start as young as them,” said Crow.

For more information on TADSAW and for ways to donate, click here.