Wedding industry begins to bounce back from COVID-19


LUBBOCK, Texas — Last year forced many folks to put a lot of their lives on hold due to COVID-19. One of those things was couples’ plans to get married, which also caused the wedding industry to take a huge hit.

“We got engaged in September of 2019,” said Taylor Druce, who had to cancel her wedding because of the pandemic.

April 2020 was when Druce and her now-husband had planned to tie the knot.

“[We] pretty much planned all of our wedding, and it was going to be in Mexico,” said Druce.

The couple decided to get legally married in Las Vegas a month before the ceremony to avoid the hassle of getting a marriage license in Mexico.

As the threat of COVID grew, it became clear, a wedding down south wasn’t an option.

“People were out a couple thousand dollars because there were no refunds from the resort, and I never got to wear my wedding dress. It was all a big mess,” said Druce.

A year later, they are just starting once again to think about a plan for their wedding.

“We’re kind of shooting for spring of 2022, but we’ll see. That’s the plan,” said Druce.

As more plans get back on track, the wedding industry is also beginning to bounce back after a hard year.

“I went from a staff of 30 down to 2, so we are just slowly building up,” said Brianna Hagerman, Co-owner of Bella’s Bridal.

This time last year, Bella’s was unsure if they’d even make it.

“It hurt, and we’re all just thankful to God and to the community,” said Hagerman. “I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Bella seems there seems to always be someone watching over us. We always seem to make it through.”

Each customer that steps through the doors now is even more welcome than before.

“Through all of this, we are still open. Every time you get ahead, something knocks you down, but we are still open–we are still here,” said Hagerman.

This bounce-back for both shop owners and couples alike, showing that even through hardship, love conquers all.

“Slowly but surely, they are coming back,” said Hagerman.

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