A feral hog on the loose caused some commotion at Brownfield High School after it was running around on campus. 
“These hogs can be aggressive and cause injuries to those trying to relocate them. There have been several injuries in the past that have either ended up hurting or killing people, not right here in Brownfield but cases around the state,” Zach Nettle, a Brownfield school resource officer, said. 
The pig was being chased by a neighbor when it wandered onto campus. Both Brownfield Police and Brownfield Animal Control responded to the situation. 
The boar was chased off campus and into a neighboring home’s backyard. The the boar was shot three times on the neighboring property before it died. 
Below is a statement released by Brownfield ISD: 

This morning a wild hog was seen at Brownfield High School. Law enforcement and the game warden were notified and they collaborated to try to remove the hog from school property. In order to ensure the safety and security of our students, the hog was shot and killed by law enforcement. No students were involved at any level. Brownfield ISD would like to thank the Brownfield Police Department, Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, and BISD school resource officers for working to keep our students safe. If you have any further questions please contact campus or school administration.