The Yellow House Canyon Brew Works in North Lubbock needs to raise quite a bit of money before they can put in a fire hydrant at their business and open up fully in the way they want.

Their goal is to open up as a craft brewery. Until they get a fire hydrant, they can’t get their federal license to do that.

“We’re just home brewers. We have some home brews on tap that you can taste. We can’t sell it because we’re not federally licensed. Hopefully, you know, in the near future, we will be,” he said.

Hardy said the according to codes, they have to have a fire hydrant within 500 feet of their buildings.

Their most recent fundraiser online was looking to raise $40,000 for the project, but owner Bill Hardy said it could cost even more than that.

Their fundraiser brought in about $3,000, and a recent music festival they held raised money as well, putting a savings account at more than $6,000, according to Hardy.

“The estimate we got a couple years ago was around $85,000 thousand,” Hardy said. “It’s 888 feet of 8 inch pipe plus the fire hydrant and I’m not sure what the city’s going to charge us to tap into the water main.”