The YWCA is planning to expand into the old K-MART building they bought last year on University Avenue.

Officials with YWCA invited the community out to discuss renovation plans, and voice any concerns they may have.

“The community is always interested in whether this is going to raise taxes, or is it going to have certain programs?” said Glenda Mathis, CEO of Lubbock YWCA. “We want everyone to know what we will have and address those concerns as efficiently as possible.”

According to the YWCA, the new building will cost more than $10,000 and will be completed some time in 2020. The facility will include classrooms, art rooms, but no swimming pool.

“The one thing I wanted to know is if there would be an indoor swimming pool,”said Jeanne Stephenson, a community member. “They say it could be awhile to get that as it is so expensive, and probably won’t happen in my lifetime.”

YWCA leaders said they’re losing the swimming pool because they plan to consolidate their locations, but which locations will close is still up in the air. They’re hoping this meeting with community members will help clear up some of the details and get them excited for their next big step.”

“We will not move any program until we have a new space for it,” Mathis said. “This new space is designed to be much more modern, have more current amenities, and really impact the children that we are serving.”

The project is entirely funded though grants, fundraisers, and private donations. If you would like to get involved or make a donation you can do so HERE