‘Zoom Anxiety’ prompts more people to have Cosmetic work done


When stay at home orders forced millions of Americans home in March due to Covid-19, people turned virtual for work, school and to see their friends and loved ones. And for some, seeing themselves on Zoom has been enough of a shock to send some to have a little bit of work done.

We talked to Dr. Rob Schmid who is the President and Founder of Lubbock Plastic Surgery Institute and he has been in business for 19 years and this year was the busiest year he’s ever had. Saying, “I thought for sure we’d have a little retraction in the cosmetic surgery and cosmetic med spa business and that hasn’t happened at all, it’s quite the opposite. “

Even before the Covid-19 Pandemic, interest in facial treatments was growing. Up 2% from 2018. Julie Polk with the Aesthetic Center of Lubbock tells us they are the busiest they’ve ever been as well. Telling us, “the month of July was our busiest month ever since we opened our doors 12 years ago. It’s almost like opening the doors to a caged animal and they just run.”

Since Governor Abbott opened elective surgeries at the beginning of May, Local Plastic surgeons have seen a huge increase in new patients, many unhappy with the way they look on camera. Dr. Schmid stating, “the Zoom phenomenon is well know and it’s nationwide for a lot of the facial things absolutely. People are seeing themselves on Zoom and saying I don’t like the way this looked.”

Ms. Polk agrees, “they were just seeing themselves on this little monitor and they were seeing every line, wrinkle, and pore, and seeing it on a regular basis.”

Offices across the country reporting an increased demand for cosmetic enhancements like Botox and Fillers.

“You know we’re seeing everything. Botox, fillers, micro-needling, skin resurfacing though you know I can’t really say one particular thing. I can say our botox has definitely been on the rise so I’d say it’s very equal across the board,” Polk tells us.

Dr. Schmid telling us that breast augmentations and body contouring surgeries have all seen a huge uptick. “People are quarantined or furloughed or working from home and they can do these zoom meetings and have bandages on my body and no one is going to know.”

Patients of every age are making appointments and both see a wide variety but Ms. Polk says they have seen one difference, “We’re not just seeing females, we really increased our male patient load over the past three or four months. Again men typically don’t look at themselves in the mirror, but when you’re looking at yourself on a big screen monitor it changes things so I’d say our male population has increased.”

So if you are considering having any sort of procedure done by the end of the year or byt the end of the first quarter of next year you should schedule your appointment now.

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