For most teens, turning 18 is an exciting time to transition into adulthood, but for teens aging out of the foster care system it can be frightening to be on your own with a limited support system. That’s why folks at Saint Francis Ministries aim to provide support, care, and resources needed to thrive to any child ages 16-21 involved in foster care.

Jaci Garrett serves as an Independent Living Coordinator at Saint Francis, and she said programs like the Youth Leadership Council, Supervised Independent Living, College Tuition Waivers, and the PAL Program which stands for Preparation for Adult Living, are just a few resources and programs available for young adults to gain valuable life skills in order to be successful.

If you are someone who has aged out of the foster care system or would like to volunteer to teach classes for the PAL Program, contact Jaci Garrett at or give her a call at 806-632-3707.