LUBBOCK, Texas— On Tuesday, Mayor Tray Payne and city councilmembers held an open session to discuss a $200 million bond package, which might be put to voters this year. If passed, it would pay for reconstruction and repair of many Lubbock roadways. Based on the discussion Tuesday evening, Broadway will not be included.

A citizen’s advisory committee initially agreed Broadway should be repaired. However, in a previous bond election, voters rejected the Broadway project.

The package, which was originally priced at $175 million, is designed to add more lanes to roadways, repair existing lanes and reduce costs of future roadwork, according to Councilman Steve Massengale.

“It’s no secret I have been wanting a bond to come before this city for much longer even when the one last year failed,” Sheila Patterson Harris, Mayor Pro Tem, said. “I wanted us to continue to try to put it before the citizens because these are things that are needed and very important.”

Harris also said she does not support including Broadway within this particular package. However, she does agree Broadway is important and needs the city’s attention. She and Councilmember Latrelle Joy do not think the bond package was the right way to include Broadway. 

Streets that have been included in the proposed bond package include 98th Street, Upland Avenue and 34th Street, among others, according to the City of Lubbock.

If councilmembers agree, two special sessions will be held Tuesday and Wednesday (August 16 and 17). Tuesday’s meeting will discuss in more detail the package where the public’s comments will be allowed. Wednesday’s session will finalize if the package will be discussed in the November elections.