LUBBOCK, Texas – A report from The Lubbock Police Department stated there was a burglary at a smoke shop in the 6500 block of 82nd Street early Wednesday morning.

The report stated the officer responded to a call in reference to a security alarm. When the officer arrived, he saw a 13 year old boy leaving the business with a bag containing a “large amount of property,” according to the report.

The suspect noticed the officer and tried to run away. He then got on a bike and rode off in an open field, said the police report. The officer attempted to use his taser to get him off his bike, which did not work. The officer was eventually able to knock him off his bike and drew his gun on him. The suspect surrendered and was placed in handcuffs, according to the report.

The police report stated the suspect gave an officer a false name.

The officer found a 33rd Magazine for a 9mm Glock pistol as well as property belonging to the business in the suspect’s possession, said the police report.

According to the police report, the suspect’s bag contained a hammer used to break into the building and a large amount of stolen property from the business.

The stolen property was returned to the business.

The suspect was taken to Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center, according to the police report. He was charged with burglary of a building, evading with a vehicle, evading on foot and failure to identify.