9 Exclusive: Texas AG Ken Paxton: American people need transparency on immigration from Biden Administration


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – In an exclusive interview the Attorney General for Texas, Ken Paxton, confirmed that thousands of underage migrants are being flown into the interior of the country in the middle of the night.

This after reports and video showed charter flights, which originated in Texas, landing in suburban areas such as New York.

9 Exclusive: AG Ken Paxton concerned about taxpayer dollars, asylum changes, unfinished border wall

According to sources close to the situation, these flights have been underway since August.
Paxton said that the underage migrants are also being bussed to different areas in the United States and many of them have not been properly vetted saying,

“The Biden administration has been very non-transparent about this. They are trying to hide from the American people what is going on, which is transporting people who might be criminals, who might have Covid (a lot of them do) who might have connections to the cartel, all over the country in the middle of the night,” Paxton said, “They don’t want people to know about. Also they’re using busses to send them to like Dallas and other cities in Texas and they are dropped off in the middle of the night. I’ve talked to law enforcement officers who have seen it, and then they just disappear in the night. And that’s part of the plan is to do it as secretively and in as large of numbers of possible to spread theses people into the country.”

9 Exclusive: Attorney General Ken Paxton talks impacts of illegal immigration, “The harm is the massive increase in crime.”

According to data released this last week by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) more than 33,000 unaccompanied migrants have arrived at the Southern border in the last two months alone.

Paxton said that this, in addition to numerous other moves being made unilaterally by the Biden administration is angering people in Texas and across the country.

“They feel like the government doesn’t care about them,” Paxton said, “And not only that they don’t care but they are doing things affirmatively to hurt them both economically and the social side with the crime, increased crime. It’s not just border issues it’s a lot of issues. They’re telling parents they can’t speak out at school board meetings which is unheard of in our country. We have free speech rights and they’re threatening to investigate them with the FBI. They’re threatening to prosecute them through the Department of Justice. These are just regular people who care about their kids.”

9 Exclusive: AG Ken Paxton concerned about taxpayer dollars, asylum changes, unfinished border wall

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