LUBBOCK, Texas — Mark Scotch is riding across the country and stopping in Lubbock on Monday to raise awareness for kidney donations.

Mark Scotch is like any other man–worked a job and had hobbies. One day he walked into a bar, met a man who needed a kidney, and Mark offered it to him. No, this is not a joke. This is the organ trail.

Scotch rides his bike for miles to help lessen the statistic in Kidney related issues. He also says about 13 people every day are waiting for a kidney transplant.

“Right now, there’s between 95 and 100,000 people waiting for a kidney, and if you do the math, we fill one football stadium every year once. Now, that would be all that it would take every year.” Scotch said.

After deciding that he’d ride his bike in a marathon form, Scotch started his 1,361-mile journey from San Diego, California, to Lubbock, Texas.

“Just yesterday, I stopped at a gas station, and a young guy was talking to me about biking, and I ended up talking to him about it and gave him a card,” Scotch said since he meets a lot of people everywhere he bikes.

Before Scotch’s trail, he gathered the idea from his sister-in-law, who had donated to another friend in need, sparking his curiosity.

From the day Scotch walked into that bar, is when his life forever changed and the day he too helped changed many others as well.

Scotch said, “I just want to stress that there’s an urgent need. And if more people would just educate themselves, they don’t really–I think advocacy is just as important as a donation and a lot of ways. So if everybody just learned a little bit more about the modern matching techniques and help other people learn as well, then I think more people would step forward, and we’d have less people.”

You can find more about Mark’s story here and learn how to get involved too.