LUBBOCK, Texas — The 19th Annual Flatland Film Festival celebrated filmmaking excellence for a 3 day event in Lubbock.

The festival was open to the public for a chance to see filmmakers on a level that’s typically not seen in a movie theater.

“…we celebrate short filmmaking. And that really highlights a lot of emerging or early career filmmakers. And they range from people that are local to regional to national and even international films.” Lindsey Maestri, Executive Director, LHUCA, said.

Maestri said the festival has a focus on Texas based filmmakers to see what ability they brought from the educational component.

“There’s just so much, you know, camaraderie that happens. And then also so many great questions that come out of people sitting together and having conversations about the films they’ve just seen.” Maestri said.

Rusty Griffin is a committee member and he said that this is still in the works every year as they are trying to build it organically here in West Texas.

“I think it means a lot for filmmakers in Texas to tell their story. We just want to get their voice heard and provide a lot of entertainment that you’re not going to see on a streamer or in a theater. These are a lot of homegrown films that are good and just need to be seen so they can get exposure.” Griffin said.

Since this is open to everyone around the world there is one member who constantly comes as his grandmother is Louise Hopkins Underwood and film is his passion.

“I’ve always had in the back of my mind that I want to make a movie here. I think Lubbock has an amazing location, I think you can’t beat it. It’s crazy. You could shoot in front of the LHUCA Museum, and it could look like Los Angeles and you’d go around the corner front of the old power plant, it could be Detroit, you know, that kind of thing.” Robert Henery, Festival Goer, said.

You can find more about the Flatland Film Festival here.