D-Day Adventure Park Work Party-Photo 2

WYANDOTTE, Okla. — Volunteers who love the military simulation sport of “Airsoft,” spend their weekend preparing a Northeast Oklahoma park for a big event.

More than a dozen people from around the four states, some traveling over two hundred miles, spent the weekend at “D-Day Adventure Park” in Wyandotte, Oklahoma.

Volunteers spent Friday through Sunday (8/19 – 8/21) on the 240-acre property, doing outdoor manual labor, such as weed eating, wood cutting and working on park vehicles, all in an effort to prepare for an upcoming Airsoft event.

That event, called “War Game Oklahoma,” takes place September 2 through 4.

It’s expected to bring in 350 Airsoft enthusiast to D-Day Adventure Park.

But, before the fun can begin, this weekend’s labor-intensive prep work had to be done.

“The game means a lot to a lot of people. It’s just a way to get some frustration out if you’re having a bad day, and its just fun. I mean, who doesn’t love to play fake army, right? It’s every boy’s dream,” said Isaac Mason, Director of Operations at D-Day Adventure Park.

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