LUBBOCK, Texas – In a WalletHub survey that ranked 100 cities in the U.S. to drive in, Lubbock managed to make it to the number eight spot. 

Lubbock was given a score of 63.40 which was decided by rating its cost of car ownership and maintenance, traffic infrastructure, safety and access to vehicles and maintenance. 

Out of the 100 cities named, Lubbock ranked 16 for the cost of car ownership, 2 for traffic and infrastructure, 58 for safety and 59 for access to vehicles and maintenance. 

Lubbock tied for first place for the lowest annual hours spent in congestion. Another Texas city, El Paso was tied for fifth place for the same category. 

Corpus Christi ranked as the best city to drive in with a 68.50 total score. Plano was named the fourth best city to drive in with an overall score of 65.24. Laredo managed to beat Lubbock by one place with seventh place. Laredo was given a total score of 64.10 and was even ranked the number one city for safety. 

To view the full survey, click the link here