LUBBOCK, Texas – Col. David J. Lewis (Ret.) filed a Notice of Nonsuit Friday, dismissing the defamation case he filed against Carl Tepper last year, according to a press release from Matthew Harris Law, PLLC.

See below for the full press release and joint statement from Lewis and Tepper.

Today, Col. David J. Lewis (Ret.), through his attorneys at Matthew Harris Law, PLLC, has filed a Notice of Nonsuit in his defamation case against Mr. Carl Tepper. In conjunction with this dismissal, Col. Lewis and Mr. Tepper release the below Joint Statement. Col. Lewis is happy to have cleared his name of any criminal implications, and thanks StarCare for confirming that he was not terminated from employment, that he is in fact eligible for rehire, and that VetStar has never been investigated nor confirmed as having had any employee misappropriate funds. Beyond providing the below joint statement, Col. Lewis will not be taking any questions regarding the dismissal of the case against Mr. Tepper.


Concerning events occurring earlier this year during a hotly contested election we have decided that it is our mutual desire to put any further legal action behind us. It is apparent that Dave Lewis has not been involved in any misappropriation of funds or any illegitimate actions whatsoever and Carl Tepper regrets any insinuation to that effect. In addition, both Lewis and Tepper desire the best for our veteran communities.

As fellow U.S. Air Force veterans, we concur that veterans’ issues deserve rational and reasonable discourse. Our discussions continue in good faith as an earnest effort to resolve veteran’s issues. We both agree that the good of Lubbock County should be our highest priority.