LUBBOCK, Texas — On Monday, Chad Read’s widow, Jennifer Read, filed a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against William Kyle Carruth, alleging negligence/gross negligence, civil assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence per se.

On November 24, Jennifer Read’s attorney, Matthew Harris, filed a petition on Jennifer’s behalf to obtain custody of Chad’s children.

She has since obtained additional representation to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Attorney Tony Buzbee filed the petition, naming the defendants: William Kyle Carruth and his respective places of business, WC Land Services and Vitruvian Development, LLC.

As stated in court documents, Read showed up at his ex-wife’s place of business to find his son. Read’s attorney said, per Chad and Christina Read’s custody agreement, Chad was entitled to pick up his child at that time.

“He was supposed to get the children when they were released from school, and so they were to be released from school that day at 3:15,” Harris told Good Morning America.

“He was not told where his child was. They were basically playing hide the ball with him, with regard to his child,” Buzbee told KLBK News. “That had happened in the past. He was frustrated as many people would be, but he didn’t bring a weapon.”

At that point, “defendant William Kyle Carruth interjected himself into the conversation, went inside the place of business and returned with a gun,” according to the petition.

“Carruth should have never injected himself into the argument, and he certainly should have never brought a gun. That was unreasonable,” Buzbee stated.

In the interview with GMA, Harris said Carruth’s actions could be considered a violation of a Texas Penal Code when a person interferes with child custody, violating terms of a court order.

“If Mr. Carruth was aiding and abetting someone who is interfering with child custody, that is a state jail felony in Texas. If you’re interfering with child custody, that’s a felony charge,” Harris explained.

However, Harris could not speak on the possible charges that might be brought against Carruth.

“That’s not for us to decide. Right now, it is in the hands of the Texas Attorney General,” Harris said.

In the wrongful death suit, Buzbee wrote, “Defendants owed Chad Read a reasonable duty of care to act as a reasonably prudent person would act under the circumstances.”

“I just call the police and say, you know, ‘get the devil out of here.’ That’s what a reasonable person does,” Buzbee suggested.

“Who’s gonna bring a gun out? Why? If he’s in fear for his life, why didn’t he go in and lock the door and call the police?” Jennifer Read asked in a GMA interview. “He’s not in fear for his life. You can see it in his face. He wanted to do this.”

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