LUBBOCK, Texas – In Tuesday’s Lubbock City Council meeting, the council approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Lubbock Experience Inc. for the funding of a civic park in Downtown Lubbock.  The MOU was for two grants of $500,000 from the Helen Jones Foundation for a total of $1 million. 

These two grants are included in the total $5.5 million raised and then transferred from the city to Lubbock Experience Inc. to contribute to the funding of a downtown park.

In April of 2022, the City Council appointed Lubbock Experience Inc. to be responsible for the funding, construction and construction oversight of the park. The Updated Downtown Master Plan included downtown redevelopment and a large Civic Park on Broadway that will serve as a multifunctional “living-room” for Lubbock residents. 

Possible elements of the space included a multipurpose open lawn, public art, performance area and interactive splash pads. 

The park was planned to be constructed on 1301 Broadway at the former Lubbock Power and Light location. The total cost was projected at $14.4 million, and $5.5 million has been raised so far.