LUBBOCK, Texas – Starting on June 1, 2023, the City of Lubbock will sell water to the City of Wolfforth, said a press release.

A press conference on Monday morning initiated the partnership between the cities of Lubbock and Wolfforth.

Randy Chriswell started the conference out by stating the importance of the partnership, “The City of Wolfforth and the City of Lubbock created a partnership unlike anything in our history,”

Dr. Jennifer Wilson, the Lubbock City Councilwoman for District 5 spoke on behalf of the City of Lubbock at the Monday conference. She said that “Lubbock and Wolfforth are already connected in so many ways, whether it’s our school systems or citizens, and now moving forward with our water contract and Wolfforth connecting to the Lubbock water system”

“With the water purchase agreement, we are going to require Wolfforth residents as well to follow those same conservation and drought contingency requirements that our Lubbock residents do,” Wilson said.

The mayor of Wolfforth, Charles Addington also spoke at the conference. He said this partnership was the “answer to a problem [Wolfforth] had for a very very long time,” and the project has taken “over four years in the making.”

The contracted term will last for 25 years, said the press release. The City of Lubbock will make a maximum of $1.3 million in revenue during the first year, the press release said.