CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – A Clovis man has been arrested by New Mexico State Police for the not-so-pleasant package he left at their door last month: dog poop. It happened after police said he also harassed 911 dispatchers. News 13 obtained video of the day it happened, and why the suspect said he did it.

NMSP officers in Clovis began their workday on December 20 with an unappealing package left at their door. “Right up front. He just put s***in the door,” an officer could be heard saying.

Officer 2: “What is in there? Napkin?”

Officer 1: “Dog poop.”

Officer 2: “Is it really?”

Officer 1: “Mhmm.”

The man in the car, who was suspected of leaving it behind, was Christian Cook. When state police ran out to confront him, Cook refused to get out of his SUV.

“Roll down the window Christian. Roll down the window Christian! Roll down the window, Mr. Cook,” one officer says.

Cook continued to refuse, forcing state police to try to find out why he did that through the glass. “Crack the window. I can’t hear you, bro,” Cook said.

“Have you been taking medication? Everyday? Okay, so what would make you put dog poop or human poop in our office?” an officer asked.

According to the police report, Cook had called dispatch incessantly that morning – at least 14 times in under an hour.

Dispatch: “State police.”

Cook: “Hello.”

Dispatch: “Can I help you?”

Cook: “May I help you?”

Dispatch: “No.”

Cook: “No. You wanna get your a** beat? Since you like beating up people with autism?”

Dispatch: “Sir if you keep harassing my dispatchers..”

Cook: “…then the whole town will whoop your f***ing a** for this s***.”

In audio from dispatch, Cook was heard repeatedly threatening and harassing dispatchers. In his last call, he left a warning:

Dispatch: “New Mexico State Police, this is Linda.”

Cook: “Hello. Y’all like to treat people like dog sh**, you’re going to get dog sh**. Literally.”

About ten minutes later, Cook made good on his promise.

“He um, he put dog poop on the door inside of a napkin, and then he’s just telling him about a careless driving and then how we beat him up I guess, and took him for a mental evaluation,” an officer said in the lapel video.

Police tried to figure out why Cook was agitated, and discussed an incident Cook said happened in 2019. “Well, we can look into that but, regardless of that point, it doesn’t give you the right to come and put poop in our office,” an officer said.

After a lot of back and forth, police finally told Cook he may not come back unless he’s having an emergency or he has official business. “You cannot come over here and put poop in my door. You cannot come here and damage something. You cannot come here and harass my admin. Ok?” the officer said.

They allowed him to leave: “Watch out for this unit behind you, you have a unit behind you. Have a safe day.”

Cook would be back a couple of days later to turn himself in after police charged him with four counts of telephonic harassment, one count of interfering with communications, and one count of interfering with public officials.

News 13 did look into the previous incident Cook referenced in the video. He was taken into custody for careless driving in 2020 and police said he was hitting his head against the glass and made suicidal comments at the time. He was taken for a mental health evaluation, then later booked.

Cook was angry, saying he wanted police video of that day.