LUBBOCK,Texas – After Monday’s game room shooting, County Commissioner Jason Corley spoke about how Lubbock County “needs” game room regulation.

The subject was tabled by the County Commissioners Court until September, but Corley announced that he would add it to the agenda for next week’s work session, Tuesday, March 21.

Corley gave more information to what game room regulations could look like. Corley discussed the location of games rooms saying, “One of the proposed areas with the ordinance that we would allow game rooms would be on frontage roads, on your highways.”

Corley added, “what’s been proposed is one game room per 30,000 [people].”

The game room regulation ordinance has received support. Coreley said, “Commissioner, [Jordan] Rackler for precinct four was my second on that. I believe the other commissioners are in support of this.”

Corley ended with, “get in the habit of calling your elected officials. Let them know how you feel on the issues.”

After the County Commissioners meeting on Monday, Sheriff Kelly Rowe stated, “We are not prepared to participate in the enforcement actions on it at this time.”

Rowe said, “The crime level [of gaming machines] being a misdemeanor level, you know, again, just outweighs the fact that we have much more serious things happening in here. We have to have our very limited resources, law enforcement resources, dealing with [things] other than this challenge.”

Sheriff Rowe also explained that because of the way state law works, it is often difficult to charge and prosecute game rooms. He was not convinced at the meeting on Monday that the proposed ordinance would have the desired benefit.