LUBBOCK, Texas- The number of Lubbock Power and Light customers using solar energy has “dramatically increased” over the last two to three years, LP&L told on Thursday.

“Within really the past 12 months, we’ve seen the number of customers with solar panels on their homes double,” LP&L Spokesperson Matt Rose said.

This comes as Lubbock switched to the ERCOT Power Grid, which will give many people a choice between retail providers.

“The power to choose is coming to Lubbock, which is great, but your choices typically are gonna be more expensive than what LP&L is – at least from what we’ve seen,” said Connor Jensen, Lubbock Regional Sales Manager Lumio, a solar energy provider.

Jensen said he has been going door-to-door in the Hub City telling people about solar panels.

“We live in an area where we do have abundant sunshine during parts of the year, and just like in this area, we have abundant wind that powers a lot of these wind turbines from the commercial facilities that are around us.” Rose said. “So, we’re in a good spot for this type of technology.”

In some parts of the country, Jensen added, “you have to worry about getting six feet of snow on your roof in the wintertime and not having an operational solar system. Out here, it’s really nice because you get lots of daylight hours and the solar panels are really low maintenance. So, if a dust storm rolls by you can just hose ’em off.”

As the last customers move onto the new power grid, most of the retail providers that people will have the option to switch to “will have solar programs where they can pay homeowners back for excess power that’s produced,” Jensen explained.

However, Lubbock Power and Light reminded customers that they may not see savings every month.

“There’s gonna be winter months when you’re gonna maybe displace half of your usage and the other half of your usage, you’re pulling off the system,” Rose explained, adding that LP&L incentivizes people to go solar by giving users a lower base rate. “But you’re still paying for that electricity.”

To learn more about solar energy, visit LP&L’s website.

To find out if you qualify for solar panels, contact Connor Jensen at (385)266-0484