HOUSTON (CW39) — A baby that was reported to have been inside of a stolen SUV was found safe, but it turns out that the father of the child lied to authorities that the child was in the vehicle, according to Harris County deputies.

According to Maj. Susan Cotter of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the missing child, identified as Noah Gray, was at a relative’s home while his father told deputies that Noah was in his 2018 black Jeep Cherokee when it was stolen while he was at a convenience store in north Harris County.

Deputies reported that a SUV was stolen Thursday morning at a store at 22523 Imperial Valley Drive near FM 1960. They also reported that a 6-month-old baby boy was in the vehicle when it was stolen.

That wasn’t true, according to Cotter. She said that a relative saw the report on TV and called the Sheriff’s Office to say that the child was safe at their home.

Around 7:30 a.m., Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that the stolen Jeep Cherokee was located at a home in the 16400 block of Eton Brook Lane, a few miles from the gas station where it was stolen. But authorities did not find the infant inside the vehicle.

“Help us bring this beautiful baby home,” Gonzalez tweeted.

Photo of missing baby (Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez via Twitter)

Almost 90 minutes later, Gonzalez tweeted that the baby was found and was safe.

Cotter said the baby was at the relative’s house unharmed, but did not say if the father dropped the baby off or at the home the entire time of the incident.

“We’re questioning the parties involved to find all that out,” Cotter said.

The incident remains under investigation, including the reason the father told deputies the child was in the SUV, Cotter said.

As for the stolen SUV, no arrests or suspects have been identified.

If anyone has any information about the incident, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000.