LUBBOCK, Texas– Texas Tech University students stood in line early Tuesday afternoon to make sure they got a seat for the men’s basketball game against the Baylor University Bears. Some students even got in line three hours before the doors opened. Tech students were determined to show up and show out for their team, despite the wind and rain.

Jacob Markum, a senior at Texas Tech , said he has been coming to basketball games since he was freshman, and has come to love every moment, even standing in line. 

“I love Tech Tech basketball,” Markum said. “I love hanging out in line, soaking in every minute of it and just supporting the team as much as I can, getting early, getting great seats as well to watch the game.”

Even TTU professors joined the show of support by canceling classes so students could get in line early for the game. Markum said he’s all for professors allowing students to cheer on their team.

“It just shows, like, how much everyone here, including the professors, love Texas Tech and love Texas Tech basketball,” Markum said. “They want their students to come out and support, and I think it’s fantastic.”

Mitchell Jackson, a member of Raider Riot, the official student section for Texas Tech’s basketball team, said although the team was off to a rocky start, they want students to still come out and cheer them on to a win.

“I know we are looking rough on our record right now, but with Fardaws Aimaq back, I think we’re gonna go on a run and I think tonight is the start of that,” Jackson said. 

Fardaws Aimaq, forward for Texas Tech’s men’s basketball team, returned as a starter after he was benched due to an injury.

Raider Riot also promoted the game as a white out all week for students attending the game. Jackson said what keeps them coming back and supporting the team even after a loss is their determination.

“I think seeing how much the team fights,” Jackson said. “Being so close every single game, it fuels us more to see that we are almost right there.”

The game started at 8:00 p.m. at the United Supermarkets Arena.