LUBBOCK, Texas — The Diocese of Lubbock hosted an annual rural life mass celebration Thursday for all those to pray for a bountiful harvest.

Most Reverend Robert Coerver, Bishop of Lubbock, blessed seed and soil that was brought to mass on the farm and gave a reading from his book of blessings.

“The Lord of the Harvest sustains us, and so we call upon him saying ‘Deliver us, oh Lord, from despair and times of drought. Deliver us, oh Lord, from wastefulness and times of plenty. Deliver us, oh Lord, from neglect of those in need. Deliver us, oh Lord, from blindness to your presence in our work. Deliver us, oh Lord, from hunger and thirst,'” Coerver quoted.

Bernie Thiel, Owner of Sunburst Farms, held the mass on his farm this year with open arms and heart and said it’s about the mass and farming because this is an agricultural area.

“We depend on our Lord, our God, to give us the blessings to when we plant when we grow our crops and to bring him to harvest and, pray that we have and do the best we can and make the most we can out of it,” Thiel said.

Thiel also said that this is most individuals’ livelihoods and how they depend on paying bills.

“I want everybody to keep all the farmers in their mind and their prayers and to pray for them that they do have a good harvest because when they have a good harvest in West Texas, everybody has a good harvest in West Texas. Everybody does,” Thiel said.