LUBBOCK, Texas – Someone tried to rob a Sonic Drive-in employee at gunpoint on November 29, according to a report from the Lubbock Police Department. 

According to the police report, an employee for the restaurant was delivering food to the suspect, who was in his vehicle. When the employee asked for payment, the suspect drew a firearm, and instructed the employee to give him all the money he had, according to the report.

When the employee told the suspect that he didn’t have any money on him, the suspect stated something to the effect of “Bro I’m fixing to shoot you” according to the report.

The report said that the suspect became frustrated, put his car in reverse, backed out of the parking spot, ran over the employee’s foot and struck a yellow pole. The suspect left the scene.

The employee told police that he did not feel pain in his foot and did not need EMS.

According to the police report, a suspect was not located.