Fans react to Texas Tech’s win against Baylor, No. 1 team in country


LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Tech basketball fans told KLBK News on Wednesday that the win against Baylor, an undefeated team until last night when Tech won 65-62, came as a surprise, but now they have high expectations for the rest of the season.

Cameron Baldwin, a freshman at Tech, threw a big party for the “big game.”

“My uncle went [to Tech} and then my cousin went to Baylor, so it was kind of like a rival,” he explained.

Baldwin texted his cousin, “Wreck ’em, Tech.”

How do you feel about Texas Tech’s win last night?

“It’s awesome. We’re killing these teams right now,” senior Asher Carrell said.

“Beating the team that’s number one and coming out with a victory [by] three points… I mean, like that’s pretty huge. I think it’s really good momentum going in further into the season,” Baldwin said.

Freshman Tony Hill said the game was “pretty crazy.”

Did you expect Tech to win? 

“No, not really. Just to be honest. Not at all,” freshman JP Adewoye said.

None of the students KLBK News spoke with thought Texas Tech would win the game.

 “No, not at all. Especially when we were down 15 at half,” Hill said.

Do you think we’re going to do well the rest of the season?

Carrell responded, “Yeah. Mark Adams is a fighter. We’re a fighting team. We’re about to win national championship.”

He’s not the only one who thought Head coach Mark Adams played a key role in the team’s win.

“Mark Adams has everything to do with it,” Baldwin said.

Texas Tech will play Oklahoma State University Thursday at 6 P.M.

All of the fans KLBK News spoke with today will be tuning into the game.

“I’m most definitely watching it,” Adewoye said. “We got to win. We won one this time. We got to win again.”

Freshman Jacob Costello said he’s excited about going to the game tomorrow with friends.

“It’s gonna be great. I think it’ll be a good game,” Costello commented alongside his friend.

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